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Boxing Gear

Boxing Punch Bags-These bags are ideal for helping you to train at home. If you are planning to train using a punching bag, you may also find it beneficial to invest in bag gloves, hand wraps, and boxing shoes. We are pleased to carry a variety of different types of boxing punch bags and boxing gym bags. Whether you are looking for a bag that can be mounted to the ceiling or floor or you are looking for a free-standing punch bag, you will find what you need here.

Boxing Body Protectors-We are pleased to carry an extensive inventory of boxing body protectors to help you reduce the risk of injury while training. Our body protectors are also a great solution for trainers.

Boxing Groin Protectors-Whether you are training or you are preparing for your next match, it is important to ensure that the most sensitive part of your anatomy is completely protected. We invite you to browse our boxing groin protectors to find an option that will work for you and give you more confidence when you step into the ring.

When purchasing boxing gear, it is important to make certain that you purchase the highest quality gear possible. Doing so will ensure that your gear will last for a long time to come, preventing the need to replace your equipment and gear in the near future. Our boxing gear is designed to the highest quality standards and will give you the competitive edge you need. Great for beginners as well as experienced boxers.