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Boxing Equipment

Whether you are a boxer or a trainer, it is important to make certain that you have the right boxing equipment. We offer an extensive inventory of boxing equipment to help you get your fighter in shape, take your fight to the next level, or prepare for an upcoming bout. Whatever your boxing needs may be, you will find what you need here. Depending upon your needs, a variety of different boxing equipment may be needed. Among the most common type of boxing equipment required for matches include corner pads to help protect boxers in the event they come into contact with the corner of the ring. In order to keep track of the rounds, a ring timer is also usually required. Ring timers can be used for timing rest periods as well as end of round warning whistles. Many ring timers also feature three-way adjustable ring bells to ensure that regardless of the size of your gym, they can be heard.

Trainers must also ensure that they have the right boxing equipment. By using the right equipment, it is possible to get your fighter in shape and provide critical instruction without incurring the risk of injury. A variety of different types of boxing equipment may be used by trainers, including boxing mitts or focus mitts. Body protectors are also crucial for providing trainers and instructors with protection from the risk of injury due to an ill-timed punch. With the right boxing equipment, you can step up your game and be sure that you are prepared for whatever may happen in the ring. We invite you to browse our extensive inventory of boxing equipment to find what you need, whether you are a boxer, trainer, or a promoter who needs to get ready for an upcoming match.