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Boxing Body Protectors

Boxing, like other high impact sports, comes with some inherent risk of injury. Wearing protective equipment, such as boxing body protectors, can help to significantly reduce the risk of injury. Through a combination of quality padding and impact dispersal, you can rest assured that your internal organs are protected from impact while training. We are pleased to stock a variety of different types of boxing body protectors and invite you to browse our body protectors to find the product that is right for your needs.

Boxing body protectors are considered indispensible for boxing trainers. In boxing, there are two primary areas where boxers are allowed to strike. Those areas are the body and the head. When a boxer is training, this can lead to a serious risk of injury to the instructor. High quality boxing body protectors are essential to protecting trainers and helping boxers to become well-rounded fighters. Body protectors are frequently used when instructors are calling out techniques to the boxer. The protection offered by body protectors make it possible for the coach and boxer in training to work longer and harder than when training without any protection.

In choosing body protectors for boxing, it is important to be aware that there are two basic types of protectors available. Some protectors use full foam padding while other protectors are constructed with air pocket protectors. The main benefit of a body protector constructed with air pockets is that there is less foam present which might weigh you down and inhibit your mobility. A full foam boxing body protector offers the benefit of enhanced durability as well as increased impact reduction. The foam used in these types of body protectors is dense and is able to stand up to years of wear and tear while still keeping you fully protected.