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UFC Fight Night Picks (Jan 18th, 2015)

Posted by Lucas Lincoln on

Alright, so we're going to start doing something that should be fun and will get more people involved going forward. We're going to make predictions for upcoming fights and see how they stack up at the end of the card. You can play with us too as we'll be live tweeting throughout the event as well. Here are our picks for this Sunday's Fight Night. Come Monday, we'll come back and see how we did...ready, set, go!

Early Prelims

Taketi Matsuda (10-6-0) vs. Joby Sanchez (6-1-0)

* We're taking Sanchez on this one by decision. Although Matsuda has more experience, we feel that Sanchez has more to lose here and Matsuda isn't going to stop him. 


Matt Van Buren (7-3-0) vs. Sean O'Connell (15-6-0) 

*Sean O'Connell is a beast and Van Buren still seems a bit unsure of himself when he fights. Although Van Buren seems to be the favorite here, we're going with O'Connell by KO/TKO in the 3rd.

Charles Rosa (9-1-0) vs. Sean Soriano (8-2-0)

*Charles Rosa definitely has the submission threat over Soriano, but what he doesn't have is the accuracy that Soriano does. Soriano hits you more often than he misses and that is why he's going to beat Sosa by decision. 

Johnny Case (19-4-0) vs. Frankie Perez (9-1-0) *UFC Debut*

*Johnny Case has had a great MMA career thus far and he's made a name for himself, "Hollywood." Unfortunately for Case, Frankie Perez is going to steal the show in his UFC debut. Keep a look out for Perez and he will be making some noise. We have Perez winning by submission. 

Patrick Holohan (10-1-1) vs. Shane Howell (13-8-0)

*This might be the easiest pick of the night. We're going with Holohan by submission. Holohan's submission record is superb and Howell's record leaves a lot to be desired. 

Zhang Lipen (9-7-1) vs. Chris Wade (8-1-0)

*While Lipen "The Warrior" has more experience than Wade, but we think that Wade has more updside than Lipen. We're taking Wade by decision. 

John Howard (22-10-0) vs. Lorenz Larkin (14-4-0)

*Howard is one of the more experienced fighters on this card and also has a better well-rounded game than Larkin, but Larkin has better knockout power and this will ultimately prevail. 63% of fans have the win going to Howard on but we think this is going to be a short one, win going to Larking by KO. 

Cathal Pendred (15-3-1) vs. Sean Spencer (12-3-0)

*Pendred is overwhelmingly the favorite on this one on but we actually think this is going to be a very close fight. While neighter Pendred nor Spencer have tremendous knockout power, they're both gritty and will fight till the end. We're taking Pendred by decision. 

Main Card

Norman Parke (21-2-0) vs. Gleison Tibau (39-10-0)

*These two guys have a lot of experience combined, a whopping 72 matches! With that experience comes knowledge around the cage and a well-rounded game. Parke seems to be someone who has a lot of upside and a more complete game. If the fight goes to a decision Tibau has the edge but we don't think it'll go that long, we have Parke winning by submission in the second round. 

Uriah Hall (10-4-0) vs. Louis Taylor (11-3-0)

*These guys are very similarly matched but they differ in one thing, knock out power! Hall has the striking edge on this one and that will be the way this fight goes. If it goes to the ground early Taylor can win but we don't think it will, 95% of fans on seem to agree with us.

Donald Cerrone (26-6-0-1NC) vs. Benson Henderson (21-4-0)

*This will honestly be the most exciting fight of the night. We're hoping to see these two guys duke it out for 3 rounds. While Cerrone is coming off 15 days rest, he's still going to put up a good fight and we have to give him props for even stepping up. That being said, we think that Cerrone will ultimately lose against the well-rested ex Champion Henderson. It'll be a barn burner and Cerrone will put up another great fight but Henderson is too skilled and too good to lose to someone who fought 2 weeks earlier. 

Connor McGregor (16-2-0) vs. Dennis Siver (22-9-0-1 NC)

*Believe it or not, Siver is a great & well-rounded fighter. Sure, he doesn't have the personality that McGregor has nor the winning percentage but he's no chump. We do think that McGregor has a chance to lose only if he's taken down early and Silver grinds him down. That being said, we don't see that happening and we think McGregor will continue his streak towards the top by a 2nd Round knockout. Look for an exciting fight that will be all too familiar for McGregor fans. 

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