6 Reasons Why Martial Art Is Important For Your Kids

6 Reasons Why Martial Art Is Important For Your Kids

Enrolling your child in martial arts training may not appear to be a good idea for many parents as fighting dignifies violence. A number of movies, shows, and even video games portray martial arts as a very violent and aggressive activity, but they are numerous benefits of martial arts that should be considered before making a negative judgment regarding it.

6 Reasons Why Martial Art Is Important For Your Kids


Martial arts teaches your child discipline and helps them get composure. The class begins with the students bowing to the master which is a sign of respect followed by some warm-up exercises. Students then indulge in various activities including punches, kicks, etc. Which require a high level of concentration,  and that precision makes the child disciplined. A lot of parents have reported that they saw an evident change in their child’s concentration level especially those whose children had attention deficit, hyperactivity or ADHD.


The exercises, warm-ups, stretches, pushups, jumping jacks that the children do all require vigor and strong muscular movements. These strengthen the child’s body and challenges the cardiovascular system which makes the heart stronger. They allow your child to have physically fit, flexible bodies and a high-level stamina.


Martial arts gives the biggest gift to your child in the form of self-defense. They become enough for themselves and can protect themselves against any possible assailants. Martial arts teaches them techniques that are useful throughout their lives and helps them to deal with various problems like bullying, fighting, etc.


Confidence is another asset that your child receives after being trained in martial arts. It boosts the confidence level significantly, and the child develops the feeling of self-worth. As martial arts works through a belt ranking system, this gives a child a goal and initiative to work towards and eventually achieve. Children acquire the sense of accomplishment when they learn and new technique and then move to a new belt which means a new position. This sense of accomplishment is there with them everywhere they go which also helps them to elevate their academics, sports, etc.



The first thing your child learns the moment they walk into the dojo is- the element of respect. The act of bowing to their master shows that he is in authority and they are to listen to him under any circumstances. They also learn to respect others around them even people of their own age and to treat them the way they want to be treated. A good martial arts trainer would always emphasize on the factor of respect and would encourage his students to implement it outside the dojo as well like with their parents, teachers, etc.


Martial arts makes children independent as they work on their own and work hard to be self-sufficient, but at the same time, it even develops in them a sense of team spirit. They help each

other in perfecting the moves and through sparring practices which helps them to learn how to help others and how to think and act selflessly at times.