Boxer Vs. MMA Fighter! Who Is Real?

As we know about the most anticipated fight of 2017 was between the rebellious Conor McGregor and belligerent Floyd Mayweather, which had everyone, all around the globe to be stuck up on their television screens impatiently.

Conor McGregor is a very well-known MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter, and on the other hand, Floyd Mayweather is the top boxer in his league. When Mayweather got challenged by McGregor to a boxing match, it was no surprise that Floyd would have a greater advantage despite his 2-year retirement and McGregor would have to master his boxing techniques to have an upper-hand. We all know how that fight turned out to be so let’s put our focus back on the contrariety between MMA Vs. Boxing!

When arguing between MMA fighters and boxers, all boxing fans and professional boxers claim that they would win whereas MMA fans and fighters claim that they will succeed. Although, there are some similarities between MMA and the techniques in boxing. but other than that they are two completely different sports.

MMA consists of various combative sports such as Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, Judo and Hapkido whereas boxing as well, boxing. Somone has a very strong background of boxing would have to train increasingly hard to enter MMA, he would have to acquire skills regarding leg kicks, submission, ground control and takedowns on the contrary boxing is a much easier field to enter into.

Let us discuss the differences between the two sports,

  • MMA incorporates a wide variety of martial arts and is also known as the hybrid of martial arts. While boxing is mainly a mixture of punches with arms and hands only to knock out an opponent to win.
  • An MMA fight consists of 3 rounds and can last for 5 minutes, and fighter can win via knockout, points or using submission
  • A boxing fight comprises of 6 to 12 rounds, each lasting 3 minutes. The fight finishes when the participant is knocked out otherwise it can keep going on up until the 12th round, and the boxer with highest points will win.
  • MMA can use a lot more techniques as compared to boxing; it can use hand and arm strikes, Muay Thai, kickboxing and boxing along with takedowns, ground control, and leg kicks.
  • Boxing is a punching sport and the only punches allowed are supposed to be above the waist, with no slapping or back fisting.
  • Boxing does not allow grabbing the opponent and throwing him on the floor or to punch a downed opponent, MMA allows throwing the opponent on the floor and striking him when on the ground.


With all the differences mentioned above, it can be clear that to compare Boxing with MMA is like comparing football and basketball. Just because of the fighter is a boxer, it does not mean that he can transform into an MMA fighter easily likewise an MMA fighter would struggle in the ring with a professional boxer.

The debate between MMA Vs. Boxing “Who is Real?” all comes down to an individual’s own opinion, due to the fact that both sports offer unique experiences and personal preference is all that should be considered when choosing between the two.

There is room for both the sports in the world and neither of them is better than the other one, so we should put this debate to rest now.