How to Select the Right Type of Boxing Gloves

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Once you have decided that you want to get involved in fight training, whether it is MMA, martial arts or boxing, you will find that to train effectively, and for sparring, you need to invest in boxing gloves. If you have never shopped for boxing gloves before, you might find the process a bit overwhelming at first. There are hundreds of different brands, sizes, weights, styles and colors to select from, so how are you to know where even to start to find the pair right for you? You want to have some information and knowledge before you invest in a pair of gloves and knowing how to select the right type of boxing gloves will ensure that you get something ideal for you and your training.

Figuring Out the Size

Glove size can be a bit confusing at first since the gloves are measured in ounces. The sizes are available in even-size numbers only, often ranging from a low of eight ounces on up to twenty-ounce gloves. The sizing and weight do not necessarily have to correspond to one another, meaning that when you buy twelve-ounce gloves, they may not always weigh twelve ounces. The gloves are classified this way so that it is easier for a fighter to figure out what weight is best for your training purposes. Some fighters like to train with heavier weight gloves and then use lower weight gloves for matches. This allows you to train in heavier gloves so that your hand speed is faster with the lighter gloves for your match.

Boxing Gloves Size Measure Example

Boxing Gloves Size Measure Example

Finding a Good Fit

No matter what type of gloves you may purchase – whether they are sparring gloves, bag gloves, training gloves, pro gloves or even kick boxing gloves – you want to make sure you have a good fit for the gloves. Many people prefer to try on the gloves when their hands are already wrapped for fighting so they can make sure the gloves fit properly, but if you do not have wraps with you when you are shopping, you may measure the circumference of your hand so you can figure out the size you need. Once you decide on the type of gloves that you need and your purpose for them, try on the gloves. You want gloves that fit you snugly and so that your fingertips reach the top of the glove. Try to make a fist in the glove to make sure it does not take a lot of force and effort to do this.

Boxing Gloves Perfect Fitting

Perfect Fitting

Take Your Time Shopping

Since it is your first pair of gloves, you want to make sure you get the right type of boxing gloves the first time out to make your experience as good as possible. Take your time shopping for gloves, try on different brands and styles to see what is most comfortable for you, and get a clear idea of what will work best for your purposes. You can then go back to the shop you tried the gloves on or shop online for your gloves so you can get just the style, weight and size you want that will let you train and fight to your best ability.