What Makes for the Best BJJ Belt?

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or BJJ, is often considered as the most difficult of the martial arts to master. It can take you years of training and competition to attain the higher levels, and the hard work you put into your training will reward you with great skills and confidence. Like the other martial arts, as you progress in your training, you will achieve different color levels for your belt that help indicate the expertise that you have. Unlike other martial arts, however, a belt in BJJ may also play a role in your training and competition. You will want to take a look at the characteristics of the different belt brands from manufacturers today so that you can find the best BJJ belt to wear with your gi.

The History of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Belt System

The BJJ Belt Ranking

Thickness and Durability

When you are considering the belt to get to wear, thickness and durability of the belt make a difference to you. You want a belt that is thicker so that it will hold up during competition and so that you can get life and wear out of it. A belt that is thinner and lightweight may not last as long as others and will not serve you well. A durable belt that fits well and is secure becomes an integral part of how you train and react during competition. You want a BJJ Belt that will hold up well to the constant grappling and gripping that takes place in BJJ.

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Thickness and Durability

Getting a Stiff Belt

You will see that as you look at BJJ belts that some belts are made to feel looser and softer than others. While looser belts are easier to fit and tie on, many competitors prefer to get a stiffer belt to use. A stiff belt will seem practically indestructible to you when you wear it and will last a long time. You can tie your belt on and the stiffness of the material and never have to worry about it falling off or coming untied during training or even after hours of competition. Of course, some people do not like the feel of the stiff belt when it is worn and prefer something that is looser, so they feel more comfortable and have greater movement.

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Shop Around for Your Belt

If you are new to buying a BJJ belt, you may want to take some time to get input from others involved in BJJ to see which they may prefer. Getting input from those more experienced can give you a good idea of which brands to look for and which belts hold up well. You may find that you get many different opinions about the best BJJ belt, but you should not get discouraged by this. Look at different websites and forums and read how well certain belts are rated and reviewed so you can get input before you decide for yourself which belt has the characteristics and look that you like the best and fits the best into your budget.