How to Pick the Right Bjj Gi


If you are practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu (or BJJ, as it is often called), you are going to need the correct gear to wear during your training and competitions. The uniform worn is referred to as a gi, or kimono, and does differ from the other uniforms worn for the various martial arts. You will find that when you are shopping for a gi for the first time that you might get a bit confused by all that is available for sale today. There is a difference between the uniforms sold and choosing the right one to wear will make a big difference to you. You want to arm yourself with some basic information, so you know how to pick the right gi for you to wear.


Looking at Weaves

When you are shopping, you will see that gis are sold naming the particular weave that is used for the garment. Different weaves mean different things for the gi, so you want to get one that has a weave that will work best for you. Many people involved in BJJ prefer a gold weave, which is a hybrid weave of a single weave and a double weave.

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Solid Construction in Gi Lapel is the key

They take the best qualities of a single weave and a double weave and bring them together, so you get a lightweight garment that has the high durability and thickness you also want.

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Best Competition Gi

This allows you to have quality movement and makes it more difficult for your opponent to get a good grip during grappling for a takedown. There are many weaves to choose from today as some manufacturers create titles of their own, but you want something that is going to be lighter for you and durable enough for training and competition.

Figuring Out Sizing

The sizing of a gi is something that throws many people off. If you are accustomed to picking clothing based on inches or centimeters, it may be hard for you when you see sizing like A2 or A4 instead. Gis are sized in adult and children sizes, and adult sizes are available for men and women. Typically, a gi gets sized by the gender, height and the body mass of an athlete, so you may want to use the information as a guideline for you.

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Sizing can be tricky for many people because you may have a different size that you need for your robe than you do for your pants. Taking the time to try garments so you can see what fits the best and gives you the freedom of movement you need is important.

The Right Gi Makes a Difference

You want to take the time to pick the right gi for you because it can have a significant impact on your training and how you compete. The ability to move correctly and follow through with proper execution is of great importance in BJJ, and your bjj gi will make a difference to you. When you find one that is perfectly suited for you, you may want to invest in two sets so that you can alternate when one needs washing.

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Pick the Right Gi

Get the right gi, and you will find that you can enjoy BJJ even more as you learn and succeed.